[publication] sucker punch - Post Parametricism
Deviation from Parametricism

Parametricism is a style of design now a days in the architectural world and now rapidly booming not only in the design field. The style of any formation always has an expirationdate. This instalation was about what comes after Parametricism. A post-parametricism is an deconstructed matter of a computational parametric design. In nature there are set of parameters that will deveate or deconstructs the well contiueated sequence.
The white cloth was done by me and the red strings were done by the participants at the installation. Before the red strings were webbed there were nails hammered to the wall. The nails were patterned in a mathematical parametric logic. The participants were not told about the parametrical patterned nails but free to web the red strings as much as they wished. It was an experimental installation to see how the logic will be deconstructed by the participants to a different morphological space.the valueOne of the highest value in this installation were the participants. They were the one who created the space with their existence and literally brought new detention to the space with the red strings that was provided. Through a high respect to them the space was capturing a new space every moment. thank you to peacenic Markyu and all the participants
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